The Wild Hunt Black Vinyl 2Xlp


The Wild Hunt Black Vinyl 2Xlp

The Wild Hunt - Black Vinyl Double Disc LP

Re-issue of Watain’s latest album “The Wild Hunt”, comes as a deluxe 2LP with gatefold sleeve and double-sided inlay. It would be easy to call this the most important album of their career but then again, all their albums are. Even back thirteen years ago when their debut “Rabid Death’s Curse” was released almost anonymously on a small underground label it already took a stand: While the black metal scene was reaching its peak on a commercial yet agonizing level, artistically speaking, they just were different. Unique. And ambitious . With mixing duties handled by the faithful Tore Stjerna at the famous Necromorbus studio in Alvik (Sweden), “The Wild Hunt” marks another gigantic achievement and most importantly once again ups the ante compared to WATAIN’s extremely well received previous releases. By far, it is their most diverse record to date and vocalist E. is adamant about “each album bringing a story on its own. There’s never been a question of continuing wherever we ended with the previous one.” This sonic and lyrical tour-de-force explores the band’s classic roots like Bathory or Dissection (“being quite a retrospective record, that record is permeated by things that meant a lot to us in the past so no reason to try to hide them”) while also being  truly their own. And who else than WATAIN could have come up with such an intimate song like ‘They Rode On’ where for the first time they dare using clean vocals? “That specific song is just us being brutally personal and honest. It shows another important facet of the WATAIN world.”

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