Mark Of The Necrogram


Mark Of The Necrogram

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Mark Of The Necrogram - CD

The Necrogram has awakened! Dormant for nearly four years, the sigil—crafted by Swedish death metal legends Necrophobic long ago in a crucible of fire and ice—will spread hate, plague, and disease once more. That Necrophobic titled their eighth studio album, Mark of the Necrogram, is significant in two ways: on one left hand, it represents the rejuvenation of Necrophobic; and on the other left hand, the hellish brand reappears after 16 years as a centerpiece to the Kristian Wåhlin cover art. Mark of the Necrogram isn’t just another Necrophobic studio album. It’s impending doom, the war to end all wars, the final fight against the light of this world.

Track List
01. Mark Of The Necrogram (04:53)
02. Odium Caecum (04:25)
03. Tsar Bomba (05:40)
04. Lamashtu (05:20)
05. Sacrosanct (04:38)
06. Pesta (05:59)
07. Requiem For A Dying Sun (04:39)
08. Crown Of Horns (03:59)
09. From The Great Above To The Great Below (05:53)
10. Undergången (02:48)

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