The Banished Heart

Oceans of Slumber      

The Banished Heart

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The Banished Heart - CD

A darker, heavier and more elaborate work than Winter, the band’s critically-acclaimed 2015 album, The Banished Heart portrays Oceans Of Slumber as creative souls in the midst of a creative and emotional splurge, lost in the act of venting and purging through some of the deepest and darkest music the metal underground has conjured in years. Although still proudly channeling the melancholy spirit of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s UK death/doom scene, Oceans have evolved and expanded in myriad new directions, embracing a more grandiose aesthetic in tandem with an enhanced sense of emotional volatility and rawness. Epic by design and in execution, but acutely personal and intimate on a conceptual level, the songs on The Banished Heart showcase a refined musical vision from a band with nothing but honesty and honor in their souls.

Track List
01. The Decay Of Disregard (08:59)
02. Fleeting Vigilance (05:25)
03. At Dawn (08:30)
04. The Banished Heart (09:05)
05. The Watcher (02:25)
06. Etiolation (06:01)
07. A Path To Broken Stars (06:31)
08. Howl Of The Rougarou (05:02)
09. Her In The Distance (02:03)
10. No Color, No Light (07:17)
11. Wayfaring Stranger (03:41)

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