The Burning Cold

Omnium Gatherum      

The Burning Cold

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Metal has never been afraid to ask big questions, but rarely has a band invested such sincerity and thoughtful power into their music. ”The Burning Cold” dares to be all things to all people: it’s a dark, heavy and vivid adventure through the trouble human psyche and the turbulent world around us, but it’s also an exhilarating and big-hearted celebration of the rejuvenative power of gloriously bombastic heavy music. Thanks to the immaculate power of Aalto’s production and Dan Swanö’s mixing skills, this is the biggest and most infectious album the band has ever made. From the fiery eruption of the opening “The Burning” and the sumptuous depths and drama of “Refining Fire” to the heroic death metal majesty of “Over The Battlefield” and the heart-rending chills and thrills of the closing “Cold”, this is a tour-de-force for one of the modern era’s most consistently fascinating melodic death metal ensembles.

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